Keats and Yeats are on my side

To quote Morrissey when with the Smiths”A dreaded sunny day, so let’s go where we’re happy”…

So off I went nice and early to play golf with Steve and Julian.  I wasn’t happy for long, though, as I’m playing like a dog at the moment so my round was the classic good walk spoiled.  But what a walk: the sun was just rising as we started and it was still shining when I got home at 11:00, just in time to stand for the two minute silence for Remembrance Sunday.

In the garden we decided it was time to clear the leaves from under the walnut tree so set to with a rake and the wheelbarrow.  But then Claire remembered the Old Man has a leaf blower which is not any faster than a rake, but it is a lot less tiring.  And after the leaf blowing, I cut the grass for the last time this year.  All looks very trim now…

About midlifegardener

Being a PE teacher in an Independent School is increasingly pressurised with collleagues and parents alike offering opinions on how you should be doing your job. So time spent in the garden is essential in maintaining one's persepctive on life, as other skew theirs.
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