It’s only Games

WordPress (the blog website I use) have issued a challenge to publish a post every day this month.  Well, I only read that email on the 2nd November, so missed one day.  But I am doing my best to publish something every day, so today I’m taking the opportunity to start a new strand and to write about my main passion – sport – which happens to also be my occupation.

My role as P.E. teacher and head of hockey is essentially a job in which I get to do a lot of stuff I enjoy: coaching players to improve their skills in a sport I love and which I have played since the age 13, as well as managing teams in regular fixtures.

But it does have its stresses and strains – such as today when I was assisting with interviewing candidates for 6th form sports scholarships, but also teaching and preparing for a big tournament tomorrow.  This involved tedious things, like making sure I had enough players (some of whom had conflicting commitments in other departments), checking shirts, change of shirts, tracksuits, hockey balls, first aid, ensuring the girls have lunches, planning to buy more to supplement the lunches….the list goes on.  Throw in a fixture today that was cancelled at the last moment, and the subsequent rearrangement of training for senior teams, and it was a another fraught day at school.

But, at the end of the day (to use a sporting cliche) Claire reminds me that it is “only games”.  Which reminded me of an ironic (or perhaps idiotic) poem I once wrote when disgruntled with the fact that a lot of girls missed sport to do music.  I would add that I enjoy a good relationship with the music department and that the following words are meant very much in jest – before someone in senior management reads this and hauls me over hot coals.  But I think anyone who has worked in P.E. and sport in schools will identify with some of the sentiments.

So, no pics today – just words.  Make up your own pictures.

Play Up, Play Up – Play up It’s Only Games
Our School Girls are a talented lot
Involved in many things
But when it comes to playing sport
They’ll have to sprout some wings
Because music and P.E.
Do not comfy bedfellows make
So when deciding what to do
We’ll show them what’s at stake
They’ll have to miss some sport –
Their badminton and swims:
It’s better to blow a metal tube
Or pull horsehair over strings
Hanging out in the Music room
Shouting out rude names
Why trudge up to the astroturf?
Remember it’s only games.
One has to think what matters
Like it takes up so much thought
It’s obvious to sensitive girls
That music outshines sport.
Singing is for ladies:
P.E’s not for dames.
It’s on the national curriculum
But we know it’s only games
Don’t waste your time with Nicky
Or Katharine or James
What are you going to learn about life?
You’ll just be playing games.
The sun shines on the righteous
On sport it only rains
Don’t go down to the squash court Maude
Bunk off: it’s only games.

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